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Arts and Crafts for Busy Moms In 2021

Arts and Crafts for Busy Moms In 2021

Arts and Crafts for Busy Moms In 2021
Arts and Crafts for Busy Moms In 2021

Arts and Crafts for Busy Moms
Making Time for Fun!
By Beth Steadman

Arts and Crafts for Busy Moms In 2021
Arts and Crafts for Busy Moms In 2021




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How do I let myself get like this, Monica thought to herself as she slumped in her kitchen chair?  Kids are in bed, the kitchen is clean for the night, everything at work is under control so what’s the problem she thought. 

Depression is what they call it she answered herself.  But what do I have to be depressed about, she pondered.  Homelife is good, work is great, we’re paying our bills and putting a little it aside each payday so what’s my excuse for feeling depressed?

The more she thought about it, the more depressed she became because she couldn’t figure out why she was depressed!  All of a sudden it hit her like a bolt of lightning!  When was the last time she did something for herself? 

Hmm, the more she thought about it the more her mind opened up.  She used to have fun working on different craft projects on her own as well as with friends. Why did she ever stop?  What the heck, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is she found something to focus her energy on that she knew she would enjoy.  Just like that, she decided to get back on track with some “me time.”

Have you ever like Monica?  In her case it wasn’t really depression that brought her down, it was boredom.  But she is a wife, a mother and an administrator at work.

How could she be bored?  If you are honest with yourself you can figure it out.  She had everything under control that needed to be under control.

She finally had a little bit of time on her hands that she didn’t have to feel guilty about spending it the way she wanted.  In her case, it was renewing a passion she had before all the time constraints started limiting her activities.

Let’s talk about this a bit more.  Have you wished you could go back and pick up on the creative freedom you felt when you spent time working on arts and craft projects?

Well, if you need it we give you permission to do just that!

Where Can I Find the Way to Get Started?

We have the perfect solution to jumpstart your decision.  You will find that it’s:

• Easy to read with no difficult stuff to learn.

• Able to give you all the instructions you need.

• Does that so you can apply the content immediately.

• It’s a bargain and well worth the small price.

What will you learn . . .

Learn about all the tools and supplies for each project

Find out how to create 20 different arts and crafts projects

Discover what tools and supplies are necessary for each one

How to get started quickly

If you aren’t sure that you need to have the information this guide provides, you need it!

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