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The Truth About Bullies – How to Turn the Tables on Bullying

The Truth About Bullies – How to Turn the Tables on Bullying

Kathy tried very hard to keep the tears at bay as she hurried out of the principal’s office truth about bullies, down the hallway and out the door all the while keeping an almost white-knuckled grip on her son’s hand truth about bullies.  She slowly eased up on her grip when she realized just how tightly she was holding on to Timmy.

But what mother could possibly hold it together after what she just learned.  Why didn’t she know this before she got the call at work?  How long had it been going on?  Was this the first time he had actually been hurt or had it happened before?

Maybe there were other times when the scene hadn’t been caught by a sharp-eyed recess monitor truth about bullies.  Why hadn’t Timmy told her about this?  Here she thought they had great communication and getting this news thoroughly knocked her from her little perch of thinking she was a perfect parent truth about bullies.

How many times had his lunch money been taken from him?  How many times had he been kicked or used as a punching bag?  She may never know but she and Timmy’s dad needed to do some serious damage control.

Kathy was lucky.  No matter how often her little boy had been truth about bullies before, now that it was brought out into the open she and her husband could begin that damage control.

Understand this; children are at risk, serious risk, of potential harm due to being truth about bullies. And the harm isn’t just physical, if left unattended there is the potential for harm that will last clear into adulthood.

The numbers are out there.  You see it on the evening news every night or on your computer every morning when you catch the news after logging on.

Children are being bullied and it’s happening all around you.  You need a wake-up call.  The physical attacks are one thing.  They leave evidence behind.  The emotional damage, well, that is another matter altogether.

As I’m writing this I recall a headline I read online just the other day about another young girl who committed suicide because she just couldn’t take any more of the ridicule she was undergoing because of lies about her that were posted online truth about bullies. There is no excuse for not protecting our children.

Another potential problem is adult bullying.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Adult bullying is committed everyday across every type of business imaginable.

I get it.  You are bombarded from every direction about stuff you just have to buy; or trivia that your brain is too tired to absorb. And, here we are telling you that you need to pay attention to yet another message demanding something from you.

But, of everything else you see this is one that you do need to get a handle on.  For your children’s sake, for yourself if you are being bullied or for a friend or other loved one.  Pay attention, please.  We can help.

How Do I Do That?

You do that by following this course and taking the actions.

Let us explain the world of bullying to you and give you some thoughtful techniques to help you help your children.  Or, even yourself in the workplace.

The course is:

  • Compact and easy to follow
  • It shows you the different types of bullies.
  • You can put it to work immediately.
  • It’s a bargain and well worth the small price.

What you will learn . . .

  • Learn the difference between bullying and harassment
  • Find out how to help your child if he/she witnesses bullying
  • Discover many tips for you to avoid bullying 
  • How to plan your workplace environment to handle bullying
  • Using tools to detect if your child is being bullied
  • Implementing a proper plan for dealing with bullying at work
  • And much, much more

The world is changing at a rapid rate.  It used to be that something like bullying was delegated to detention in the school office for being a bully.

It’s not so simple anymore.  With the speed of the Internet and the sheer numbers of ways kids (and adults) can be bullied you need to learn to take care of your own.  You need tools in your arsenal about how to protect your loved ones and live happily in the world today.

No one will take care of this for you.  You have to take control yourself.  Times have changed and so have we.  We must take charge of our own destiny.  No one will do it for you.  Start right away and ensure a longer, healthier life for you and your loved ones.

“The Truth About Bullies – How to Turn the Tables on Bullying” can easily get you on the right track.

……. And at just $97.00 it’s a small price to check it out!

This is an online course, so you can do it from wherever in the world you are. All you need is an internet connection and your preferred device truth about bullies.

Over 8 weeks you will be given:

  • 8 video lessons which are packed full of information (in easy to understand chunks) and great examples. This means you can see the techniques in action and learn how to apply them for yourself.
  • 8 action sheets to help you carry out productive and beneficial tasks to improve your meetings
  • 8 prompt sheets to highlight some of the most important parts of the course whilst watching the videos
  • And to help you get the most out of the course, you’ll also get access to the course notes so you can go back over specific parts of the course in detail at your own leisure

That’s $1000 in value this course gives you, and once you start using the information and techniques, the true value of your results will be enormous.


Is this course worth the money?     

Without being crass truth about bullies, what price do you put on your child’s safety and wellbeing ? For only $97, you can ensure that you’re best placed to support them.

Will I have enough time to do this?

Again, how important is this to you? We make the time to learn the important stuff. And this course isn’t padded out to take lots of time truth about bullies. You quickly get the key, actionable content.

Couldn’t I do this all myself?

Yes, you could go and do all sorts of research into how to resolve bullying issues. Why spend so much time just to end up in the same place as if you buy this course? This course has proven results and it’s ready to go right now. You’ll get scores on your board within just days of trying it.

Well, you can see the course offers lots of value.

That’s because I’m an expert in what I do, and I really want to share it with you. I want YOU to have the life you desire, and I know my course will help you get it.

The price of this course is less than you’re probably expecting.

It’s much less than it should be, considering the value of this course.

But I know it’s unlikely you’d have a stray $1,000 (total course value) lying around.

That’s why I’ve priced it at a very affordable $97.

Would you like even more value?

AND you’re getting my 100% money back guarantee!

This offer may not last long. Join now and be one of the clever people taking advantage of the invaluable information in this course.

After all, with so much to gain—and absolutely nothing to lose—it’s worth checking it out.

Be one of the few with access to this insider information. Join the club now.

The Truth About Bullies$97.00

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How To Tame Your Temper In 2021

How To Tame Your Temper In 2021

How To Tame Your Temper In 2021
How To Tame Your Temper In 2021

How To Tame Your Temper


How To Tame Your Temper In 2021
How To Tame Your Temper In 2021


How To Tame Your Temper In 2021
How To Tame Your Temper In 2021


Dear Reader,

Click here if you would like to buy: How To Tame Your Temper By Robert Howard

What the heck!? What’s going on? What is HE doing here? Well, it’s obvious he’s eating lunch but with HER? Instant RAGE courses through your body and it’s all you can do to get out the restaurant door before you are seen.

Shaking your head you try to think clearly as you stumble down the sidewalk. That promotion is supposed to be yours. What is Bob, who works for you, doing at a luncheon meeting with your boss?

Everyone knows that job is yours. You’ve been in line for it for months and when the position opened up you were right at the top of the list. You’ve worked hard and you’ve earned it.

True, Bob has made no secret that he wanted to move ahead with the company and wanted it on a fast track, but even Bob knew you are next in line. Why would he go around you like this?

The more you think about it, the angrier you get. Your heart is pounding, the blood is rushing through your body at breakneck speed and you can’t even see clearly.

You can see all your plans for your family wash down the drain without that raise. It isn’t a pretty picture. The next thing you know you are in your car and speeding onto the freeway.

Totally unfocused, the next thing you know there are lights flashing in your mirror and as you become aware of the squad car flagging you over to the side of the road, your mind begins to clear.

Well, the rest is predictable. Our hero gets a speeding ticket but that’s getting off easy considering how consumed he was with anger. It could have been much, much worse.

Can you relate to our story? Have you ever experienced white-hot anger like that? Yes, we all lose our tempers on occasion, but it’s to what degree and how we deal with it that matters.

If you or a loved one can strike a familiar chord with this story, you really need to find some help. Thankfully, you are in the right place at the right time. We can help.

How can we do that?

Glad you asked. We have just the tools for you in our guide, “How to Tame Your Temper.”

• It’s an easy read with no psycho-babble.

• It just takes an open mind to get started.

• You can begin as soon as you’ve read the guide.

• It’s a real bargain with a cost that’s laughable!

What you will learn . . .

Learn about identifying different kinds of anger

Find out if you really need anger management

Discover how to handle angry children and teens

Uncover different techniques to help manage anger

Enjoy the self-hypnosis script already prepared for you

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If you don’t believe that “How to Tame Your Temper” gives you the tools you need to create positive change in your life, let us know and we will refund your purchase price no questions asked.

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