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A Contemporary Guide on How to Protect Yourself and Others

A Contemporary Guide on How to Protect Yourself and Others Against Harassment

By Richard Snow

Did You Know Over 60% of The Population Have Been Harassed at Some Point?
Most of those people don’t report it!

Dear Friend,

There is no need to suffer harassment from anybody.  If you or someone you know is being harassed, let us help you understand how to fix the situation!

Maybe you’re not sure if what is happening constitutes the term “harassment”, and perhaps you are worried you’ll be laughed at.

There are so many forms of harassment, and it can happen to anybody!

We are going to expel the myths about being harassed and teach you what to do if it happens to you or someone you know!

Harassment via text or people leaving hateful online comments is on the rise.  This electronic day-and-age aids in the harasser being able to stay anonymous, and this is particularly dangerous when you don’t know who your harasser actually is!

Harassment happens in many forms, and not only to women!  Men are harassed too, and often shrug it off, but it’s equally protect yourself important that men be heard too!

This is what the chapters will cover for you:

l  Chapter 1. What is Harassment?

l  Chapter 2. Different Forms of Harassment

l  Chapter 3. Reasons Harassment Takes Place

l  Chapter 4: Common Myths About Harassment

l  Chapter 5: What to do when facing harassment.

l  Chapter 6: How to help someone experiencing harassment.

l  Chapter 7: How to Nip Harassment in the Bud.

l  Chapter 8: How to Avoid Harassment When Out and About.

l  Chapter 9: The MeToo Campaign Going Global

Don’t Stand for Any Harassment, Stop it as Quickly as Possible!

“Thanks to this book I got the courage to go to my HR Department and reported what I was going through.  The person actually got fired.  Thanks!”                                                     Brenda Johnson, NY

Far too many people are simply too embarrassed to report harassment and suffer in silence.  It’s just not worth the suffering.  Harassment is especially hurtful and painful, and so many people feel they’ve nowhere to turn, but that’s not true!  Knowledge is power, protect yourself and we want to help you not go through any suffering!

Imagine what it feels like to be free of harassment and not having to be put in social or work situations where you are harassed.

If you are going through any type of harassment, you owe it to yourself to put a stop to it.  But don’t put yourself in any dangerous situations.  Be wise about it and think about who you are dealing with. 

Women harass women socially and at work, and men harass men too; it’s not always a different gender issue.

Harassment takes on many forms, protect yourself such as racial, religious, plain hatefulness, harassment about someone’s sexual orientation, and sometimes simply for someone’s appearance, protect yourself or spending habits, protect yourself and lots more.  It’s a never-ending subject matter unfortunately!

Protect Yourself and Others

So, take action today and download the book, and learn what you can do to stop harassment!

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