Family in Crisis How to Avoid Financial Ruin In 2021

Family in Crisis How to Avoid Financial Ruin In 2021

Family in Crisis How to Avoid Financial Ruin
Family in Crisis How to Avoid Financial Ruin

Family in Crisis How to Avoid Financial Ruin

By Kathryn Goebels

Family in Crisis How to Avoid Financial Ruin
Family in Crisis How to Avoid Financial Ruin



Family in Crisis How to Avoid Financial Ruin
Family in Crisis How to Avoid Financial Ruin

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Connie lifted her fingers from the keypad and dashed them across her wet cheeks.  Reluctantly she rose from the kitchen table to grab another cup of coffee.  Glancing at the clock on the stove she registered that it was after midnight, but it wasn’t like she would get any sleep tonight anyway.

After grabbing her coffee she sat back down at the kitchen table and tried running the numbers again.  It didn’t really matter how many times she added and subtracted, the outlook was the same.  They had run out of money before they ran out of month.

Once again, she was looking at the bills, some of which were marked “Final Notice” many “Past Due.”  There seemed to be no end in sight.  The credit cards were maxed out, they were behind on their car payments and every month the hole they were in was looking more like a crater.

The medical bills from little Billy’s illness had really set them back.  Yes, there was insurance but it wasn’t enough and the expenses that weren’t covered as well as the co-pays were their responsibility.  It’s not that they weren’t grateful for the care he received they had been ill-prepared to handle the extras.

She was tired of trying to bridge the gap and it was time to sit down with Jim and see if they could figure this mess out together!

Does this sound familiar?  Perhaps you have experienced this situation or something similar.  This is a scene that plays out in almost every home in the country.

Running out of money before running out of a month used to be a funny little joke.  Well, it isn’t very funny when it happens to you. Yet, more and more people are finding that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to make ends meet.

Navigating through a single month is difficult enough let alone having to do it month after month with no end in sight.  Unless you are expecting to win the lottery for most of us we face this situation again and again. It doesn’t improve over time, it just gets worse.

Short of winning that lottery or hitting it large in Las Vegas, what can you do?  The bills aren’t going away and like Connie, tears falling on the clutter of bills in front of you aren’t going to solve the problem.

You know they say that the average family is just one paycheck away from disaster and those words couldn’t be more true.  So the $64,000 question is. . .

What do you do now?

Hopefully, your situation isn’t as dire as Connie’s. Whether it or is not you may face this at some point in the future if you don’t have your family finances in order.

If you are fiscally solvent, payor bills on time and have a tidy little nest egg socked away, then you don’t really have a need for us. However, if you are reading this, the odds are that even you can use a little help about handling your family finances.

Do you have a budget that allows for every dime coming in and out of your account?  If not, then those odds are against you just as they are for almost half of the population

Kathryn, our author, did happen to suggest that she and her husband take a closer look at their fiscal footprint.  She is actually pretty close to the same situation that our author found herself in when she decided they needed a budget.

That’s why she decided to take their experience and create something that would help others in the same boat.  ”Family in Crisis” was born because to her mind that is where they were headed.

Kathryn firmly believes that any family who doesn’t have a budget and IS just a paycheck away from disaster actually is a family close to a crisis.

Kathryn is not an accountant.  Nor does she claim to be a financial expert.  What she does admit to is being a wife and mother who has been where that person like Connie is at, crying over a pile of bills that she can’t figure out how to pay and recognized that she didn’t know what to do.

She figured it out and now so can you.  Her guide is:

• An easy read with no “legalese.”

• Able to give you the practical basics you need to know.

• It does that so you can apply things right away.

• It’s a bargain and well worth the small price.

What will you learn . . .

Learn about why you should have a budget

Find how to get started

Discover how you create a budget

How to overcome too much optimism

Overcoming bad credit

Is bankruptcy an option

And much more

Whether you think that you don’t need a budget what you do need is to get over that.  You don’t want to end up in a situation like Connie.

……. And at just $17.00 it’s a small price to check it out!

No-Risk, 100% money Back Guarantee!

We hope you see the potential here and realize how important this offer is for you and/or your family.  And, you can learn all of this Risk-Free!

”Family in Crisis” is a great informational source for you. That’s why you can order your copy with complete peace of mind.

If you don’t believe that  Family in Crisis” gives you the insight into gaining the knowledge you need about how to create a budget just let us know and we will refund your purchase price no questions asked.

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Once you have your own copy of ”Family in Crisis” you are armed and ready to implement positive change in your and your loved one’s life.

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60 Days Money Back Guarantee!

P.S.  Get the information now and be prepared for any eventuality tomorrow!

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