Live With Diabetes In 2021

Live With Diabetes In 2021

Live With Diabetes In 2021
Live With Diabetes In 2021

Live With Diabetes

Live With Diabetes In 2021
Live With Diabetes In 2021



Live With Diabetes In 2021
Live With Diabetes In 2021

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Karen grabbed hold of the young woman who was sobbing uncontrollably.  She pulled the woman’s shoulders into her embrace and whispered soothing, calming words while letting the woman relieve the sadness and fear she was experiencing.  The young woman’s sobs gradually slowed and Karen gently released her.  As the woman regained her composure, she started to stammer her way through apologies but Karen just shooed them away.  “Don’t feel bad or embarrassed,” she shared with the girl.  “What you are going through is perfectly normal.”  

Once the young woman was completely calm, Karen began telling her about her own story of the never ending battle with Diabetes.  Karen was a long-term Type 2 Diabetic and dealing with her diabetes was something that she never even though about any longer.

That is, until she would get a phone call from a sad, frightened person who just received their diagnosis and needed to learn more about what those test results meant.

Over the years too many times to count, she received those phone calls.  She never turned them away.  It was more than two decades now that she was diagnosed and easy to remember how frightening that first few days could be.

Diabetes can be deadly.  It is life-changing, but there is no reason to fear the disease in today’s world.  Thanks to modern science learning to cope with it is simpler than ever.  But that doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to hear as this woman did.

It’s the lack of knowledge that fuels the fear.  Yes, your doctor will be sympathetic, but that’s his job, right?  What you really need is a “Karen” to help you over the hump if you are newly diagnosed.

Well, I’m sorry, we can’t give you a “Karen” but we can do is give you a Joyce.  She’s pretty good at filling in the blanks about diabetes and how she’s lived with it for many years.

Her practical guide has helped numerous people over the first hurdles when facing diabetes.  Everyone has questions that they forget to ask at the doctor’s office.  Or maybe they just need to hear it from someone who has “been there and done that.”

Let me tell you a little bit about what it is and what it isn’t.

It’s a guide written for folks who are newly diagnosed with diabetes.  No, this isn’t a medical textbook.  In fact you won’t find much about the doctor stuff beyond explaining what type of diabetes you may have.

Rather, what Joyce talks about comes to you in plain English without all the medical jargon.  That’s a good thing because she never went to med school.  Her guide is simply about how to help you in dealing with the everyday stuff like testing and how to change your diet.

• It’s simple to read, no doctor stuff involved.

• It gives you practical information for everyday use.

• You can start putting it to work right away.

• It’s a bargain and well worth the small price.

What will you learn . . .?

Learn monitoring your blood sugar levels

Find what the different types of diabetes are

Discover what insulin is and why you need it

Uncover how to diet affects your diabetes

How to adjust your diet and still feed your family

Identifying how to avoid some pitfalls of your diabetes

Using the tools

Dealing with the disease every day

And much, much more.

This wasn’t written for someone who has had diabetes and had no trouble incorporating it into their life.  This is for the newly diagnosed to help them understand how diabetes does not give you an automatic death sentence.

In fact, be prepared when some of your so-called friends try telling you about how Uncle George almost died from his diabetes or that your cousin Luke lost some toes.

You will probably get some advice from well-meaning family members or friends.  Just smile and say thank you and let it go in one ear and out the other.

Believe me, for every horror story out there, you will find hundreds of people living with diabetes every day without all that drama!  So once again, smile and say thank you then take your questions to your doctor.

Again, this is written for a recently diagnosed diabetic.

……. And at just $17.00 it’s a small price to check it out!

No Risk, 100% money Back Guarantee!

We hope you see the potential here, and realize how important this offer is to your well-being! And, you can learn all of this Risk Free!

We want “Living With Diabetes” to be a great tool for you. That’s why you can order your copy with complete peace of mind.

If you don’t believe that “Living With Diabetes ” gives you the insight into helping you deal with your diabetes, let us know and we will refund your purchase price no questions asked.

It’s really easy to get started. You just need to click the link below and you will have your copy in minutes any time day or night.

Once you have your own copy of “Living With Diabetes ” you are armed and ready to implement positive change in your life.

You know that you are acquiring knowledge that can reap benefits for a lifetime. We guarantee it! Start now! Click the link below for your copy. You’ll be glad you did.

Click here if you would like to buy: Live With Diabetes By Joyce Kennedy

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