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Stop Smoking In 7 Days!

Stop Smoking In 7 Days!

Stop Smoking In 7 Days!
Stop Smoking In 7 Days!

Stop Smoking In 7 Days!

You CAN Quit Smoking Even If You’ve Tried Many Times Before!

By Janet G. Edmonds

Stop Smoking In 7 Days!
Stop Smoking In 7 Days!
Stop Smoking In 7 Days!
Stop Smoking In 7 Days!

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How Many Times Have You Tried To Quit Smoking?  Can You Remember?

Dear Smoking Friend!

We’ve got a lot in common if you are here because you want to quit smoking but have never been able to do it before!  It’s not easy, is it?  Very few people quit smoking the first time around or the second or the third!  But don’t let that worry you.  No matter how many times you’ve tried to quit smoking before, just put that aside and forget about it!

According to research, Seventy per cent of the 46 million Americans who smoke want to quit. But successful quitting rates are dismal. Smokers usually try to quit several times before permanently kicking the habit.

This is not surprising!  Do you know why most people fail when they try to quit smoking?  Over 90% of smokers go back to smoking for the exact same reason!


Now, here you might disagree and think, that’s not correct.  Most people quit because of stress!  And you would be correct, except there’s an underlying reason why stress wins.  And that is because you tried to quit using “willpower”.  And willpower takes a lot of strength to follow through with.

Using willpower to quit smoking, or any other addiction is like sentencing yourself to torture!

Now, there are many different reasons why it’s so hard to quit.  Stress is the number one reason we give in and start smoking again.  But that is not the actual reason at all that we give in and light up again.

Every time you decide to quit smoking, you work yourself up to it, and for every minute after you set that “willpower timer”, you have suffered and suffered.  To be honest, you set the clock to quit and it’s just like you started a horrible unpleasant event in your life.  It’s an uphill battle, and you’re placing hope upon hope that you “will be able to do it this time”.

Your thoughts about smoking increase, you start counting hour many hours you’ve got through so far… You start doubting yourself, but you trudge on, half-patting yourself on the back, half wondering why you picked this week to quit, and so on.

In the past, when you’ve tried giving up smoking, you’ve probably felt positive the first few hours, or if you’re lucky, the first few days, but you enjoy smoking, it’s a friend, it helps you out when you are down, despite the fact it’s killing you slowly, it’s better to have that fix in the short-term, and then figure it out later how to really quit for good.  Does that sound familiar?

That was certainly part of the pattern of my own behaviour.  I had many different self-talks, many of them were the reasons I should give in and light up.  It just wasn’t worth the mental anguish, and I was moody and irritable.  Who wants to live like that being deprived of a cigarette and feeling absolutely miserable?  I know I didn’t.

I had bronchitis year after year from smoking.  I depended on inhalers to clear my bronchial tubes.  And I made excuse after excuse about it.  I hid my inhalers and didn’t let anybody know I used them, because if I didn’t smoke, I knew I wouldn’t even need them.  And I knew people would say as such.

I was more scared of not being prescribed my inhalers to deal with my smoking addiction than I was of dying from lung cancer, or some other smoking-related disease.  Sure, I was terrified I had lung cancer.  I was scared to death to have a chest x-ray.  But you know what I did?  I kept on smoking!!!

Over the years, I tried many Nicotine Replacements, to no avail.  I had hypnotism twice without success.  I tried the patch, the gum, the e-cigarettes, all in the name of getting healthier.

Then one day I quit smoking for good!

I truly quit smoking for good, and NEVER looked back.  I could have done it years before had I known how.  The “secret” if you will.  There’s no smoke and mirrors here, however, (excuse the pun), just a complete shift in how I thought.

I quit smoking in 2008, without ANY withdrawals, drugs or patches, or any other product, after smoking for 29 years.  Wow!!!

It feels so good now!  I think the only regret I have is that I didn’t have the knowledge sooner.  I might have quit many years before had I known.

I certainly wouldn’t have spent money on nicotine replacements that were still funding the tobacco industry!

I can show you the exact same way to quit and you can have the same success!  This is not a trick, it’s not a scam, it’s a mental shift in how you think that makes it possible, and anything else possible.

I have also used this mind shift to lose weight.  It isn’t difficult to learn, it’s just a process to read and digest the knowledge.

Once you’ve read this book, you will see how you need not have suffered with the “willpower method”.

You can give up smoking and be free from withdrawals, free from stress, and painlessly quit the habit!

I look forward to you writing to let me know you happy you are that you invested a small amount of money in this book, less than a few packs of cigarettes!  I want to hear YOUR success story!

Start making your reality be your truth, and stop smoking in 7 days!

Click here if you would like to buy: Stop Smoking In 7 Days! By Janet G Edmonds

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