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Travel Cheap Travel Well In 2021

Travel Cheap Travel Well In 2021

Travel Cheap Travel Well In 2021
Travel Cheap Travel Well In 2021

Travel Cheap Travel Well

By Victor K. Pryles

Travel Cheap Travel Well In 2021
Travel Cheap Travel Well In 2021


Travel Cheap Travel Well In 2021
Travel Cheap Travel Well In 2021

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What a smorgasbord of travel information awaits you!

All in one place, right in front of your eyes, instantly available, — all the travel hot spots, —the unknown secrets, —the special deals and comprehensive travel savvy, — knowledge that would take you years to learn on your own…in one location, on your hard drive, in this PDF document!

Need to know the best day of the week to rent a car? It’s in here.

Worry about what you need to say to the desk clerk at the hotel when you arrive, so the desk clerk doesn’t take advantage of you? It’s in here, (This one saves you tons of money and gets you the best room in the hotel!)

Do you know the best time of day to make a plane reservation to save hundreds of dollars? It’s in here.

How about a way to get a FREE aeroplane ticket nearly every time you travel? The answer is in this book.

What if you could discover exactly how the airlines are vulnerable, so you can take advantage of them? It’s in this book.

What if you could find 20 ways to outsmart the multi-billion dollar travel industry? Little ol’ you! It’s in these pages!

We give you a 10-step program to get yourself BUMPED from a flight so you can have the airline ticket agent eating out of your hand and begging you to take another flight for FREE! Right away, in chapter #1.

This isn’t rocket science. See the ABC’s of air travel and get all of the major airline contact phone numbers so you can have fast, instant access when you are ready to travel.

Did you know there are 6 types of published airfares? In this book, you learn about all of them and ways to take advantage of each.

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Chapter 2 proves to you that frequent flyer miles are like money in the bank. Too many sappy travellers waste their miles instead of using them to the max. We take you step-by-step into the wonderful world of maximizing these miles to the ultimate advantage…your advantage…not the airlines.

We show you 3 ‘hidden’ ways to accumulate tremendous free miles that most people don’t even know to exist!

In this book, you’ll find out how crafty the airline business can be, and how they depend on you not knowing the rules of the game. How they bank on you misusing, and even LOSING your frequent flyer miles, out of your own ignorance!

We teach you about Courier Companies. They need you! They will pay all the expenses for your flightYou’ll learn that all you need to do is carry a piece of luggage for them.

Can you do that?

Can you fly to Singapore, enjoy the sights; sip some Malaysian tea, play in the area’s hot nightspots, get ‘jazzed’ by the great energy available at this exotic destination, have a beautiful vacation—and drop off one piece of luggage at the airport when you arrive? I think so!

Then, in chapter 4, meet the  Consolidators. These guys buy blocks of tickets and pass tremendous savings on to you. Once you find out about them you can say Ta! Ta! —Goodbye—to the masses that buy airline tickets the old fashioned way!

Hold it!

All of the above is coming your way, and you’ve only read the first 37 pages of this book! Imagine, all the knowledge, the insider secrets, the ways to beat the billion-dollar travel industry, and we’ve only read the first four chapters of Travel Cheap- Travel Well!

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There are still 200+ pages and 10 chapters to go!

We are serious! You can travel like the rich and famous, but with the mindset of a Pauper. More about this special, world-altering frame of mind later.

Still talking about those fabulous Consolidators here:

We show you consolidators that can send you around the world. Yes, it’s a dream you’ve always had, right? You fly around the globe and see what Planet Earth is like from everywhere to everywhere. Why not? If you’re a member of the Traveling Paupers, it may be more of a possibility than you’ve ever imagined.

In black & white, discover some consolidators that break their backs to make this dream a reality. They offer tons of routings and you can even get a guarantee to see the sites you really have a hankering for. Ground transportation, city tours and even lodging can be booked in advance or when you arrive.

But, we can’t hang around this meaty chapter 4 forever. And man is it chock full of money-saving, mind-blowing advice?!

Let’s look at chapter 5:


I reveal how all cruise ships, yes all of them, need to “kill time” with what is called ‘repositioning cruises’—what does that mean? It means you save TONS of money on first-class, state-of-the-art cruise lines every month of the year, that’s what!

You’ll be an expert on cruises with this chapter. Did you know there are 6 categories in the cruise ship industry? Each of them offers you something different, something marvellous and magical. But you have to know which is best for you. Again, it’s in here.

See how the sneaky cruise lines plough on the extra charges for “activities” that you can turn back on them and get for free, or very little cost.

Do you know which are the best cabins onboard a cruise ship? You will after you read this book. And it’s not the Penthouse suite, either!

We even help you out if you have a tendency to get ‘sea-sick—there are cabins that are more stable, and your tummy will thank me!

You can get so much more for your cruise dollar, like “added value” packages and even “FREE DAYS”. It’s in here.

We give you pinpoint directions on when to book your cruise for maximum value.

You’ll discover the biggest single expense on a cruise vacation, bar none, and how to snuff it out, long before you even layout on the sundeck…. and STILL, get the benefit of this highly overpriced ‘nicety’ for pennies on the dollar.

Cruise Directors will hate me for revealing this one!

There is a comprehensive list in this book of small, medium and large cruise lines with all the contact information you need.

We even uncover the best way to take shore leave;

what to do,

how to save scads of money,

where to look and

how to spend your time to thwart the cruise lines in their effort to ‘suck’ some more dough out of you!

Then learn about other water travel from houseboats to using cruise consolidators.

Whew!  Ahoy, mate!

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Hotels are some of the most overblown, out of the ballpark, ridiculously expensive items on your travel itinerary. It needn’t be that way!

You will gasp out loud when you read this chapter.

Discover our glittering establishments; fine, well-appointed hotels, motels and more.

If we play our cards right, we can stay at them and pay even less than we would at one of the ‘sleaze’ joints that pepper every town, city and highway around the world.

The trick is to employ some great strategies that every Pauper can use. You’ll get them all in this book!

Incentives and programs are listed for you in this chapter, along with contact info for all the major hotel and motel chains.

Let me ask you a few questions.

??? Did you know that you should QUIZ the check-in clerk at the hotel you’re staying at? Get the EXACT words to make him shake in his boots and give up the best room he has to offer!

??? Did you know that you almost always OVERTIP for room service? Find out how the hotels trap you into paying up the kazoo for breakfast in bed.

??? Know why a 15-minute tour of your hotel can save you mounds of money and make you safe and secure? In this book, you will!

??? Do you realize check-in clerks are trained to ‘tempt’ you into an upgrade— by making you an offer you can’t refuse? We show you how they do it, and how you turn the tables on them!

??? Did you know the marketing department of most major hotel chains always springs a doozy of a deal to book unused rooms…at the last minute? They do! And you’ll know how to take advantage of those delirious deals on your very next stay!

??? Do you own a house? Then get ready to TRADE IT to other like-minded Paupers for some really fantastic vacation getaways! It’s all in chapter 6.

Ever hear of ones that offer walk-in closets, DSS Satellite systems, king-size beds, heated tile floors, automatic awnings, slide-out patios, retractable sunroofs, spiral staircases and rooftop decks? Well, you will hear, and you’ll learn how to get yourself inside one, too!

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??? Want to learn how to buy an RV and not sell your grandchildren’s legacy to do it?  Chapter 6 is for you!

??? Would you be interested in just renting an RV? Why not? We layout the real skinny and put it on the line exactly how.

??? Wouldn’t it be remarkable if you could enjoy camping out under the stars in a first-class park—-for FREE? We show you numerous ways to make it happen.

[ Personal side note from the author: (I have to brag, right now!)

I went to Margarita Island, in the Caribbean and lounged on sandy beaches, golfed, had a blast with the nightlife, visited the spas and enjoyed first-class shopping for 8 days for $232.

That’s with airfare, unlimited drinks, meals, and more. I used a discount club that lets Paupers save on vacation packages, cruises and more. They have a Hot Deal featured on the website. It’s all revealed in Paupers Secret Confession #27 in chapter 6.

End Personal side note.]

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Look, we’re exhausted and we’ve only covered the first six chapters…there are 8 more!

  • Chapter 7, discover what KIND of Pauper you are on the inside!
  • Chapter 8 will amaze you! The title “Paupers Travel Free & Get Paid To Travel” says it all.
  • Chapter 9 is The Independent Traveler’s chapter.  10 essential things you need to understand for this kind of trip to become a joy, instead of a lonely or barren experience.
  • Chapter 10 is jammed with every pauper’s travel resources including my TOP SECRET confession (you’ll love this one).
  • Chapter 11 presents an entire set of valuable FORMS to help you plan your trip.  Be completely prepared so that you can really soak up the destination you’ve dreamed of.
  •  Chapter 12 is one of our favourites.  Learn all about travelling with a partner, solo or with a group; the benefits and problems attached to each choice.
  • Chapter 13 is really detail-oriented.  Find out everything you need to know about the paperwork involved in travel.  Where to get, how to use, and what’s needed concerning passports, visas, money, insurance and much, much more.
  • Chapter 14 tackles the #1 reason most people are afraid to travel abroad: Language!  Discover the ways to make language a NON-ISSUE by understanding exactly which words and phrases you’ll need in ANY country you visit.

Trying to introduce all the extraordinary tricks, secrets and downright sneaky ways you can save on your next travel adventure would make this overview way too long.   The content just keeps on coming …  page after page and chapter after chapter.

Do you own a laptop computer? Then put this baby in there and open it up as you whisk around the world, carefree, money in pocket, ready for anything!  Every time you open this e-book, you’ll find:

► Over 200 workable links that will take you to online sites that instantly plug you into travel magic and travel bargains. You can make your plans right then and there, on the spot.

     ► Over 75 real-life ‘confessions’ that make sense of travel in the REAL world, are sometimes humorous, sometimes deadly serious, but always useful and wise.

These are the author’s own experiences that will save you countless months of misery and halting experiments; insights that you won’t find anywhere else.

► Over 200 resources make every trip you take an organized, positive and fully-charted adventure. No guesswork here. Only knowledge and facts that you can use in your real-life travel around the globe.


In these pages, you’ll be introduced to all of the money-saving techniques, the price-slashing values and the world of ‘discount’ travel. You will discover ways that you never dreamed of, that will make all manner of travel instantly possible.

Once you learn the way to Travel Cheap- Travel Well, you can look forward to living like the rich and famous, but on a pauper’s budget.

The trouble in corporate America is that too many people with too much power live in a box (their home), and then travel the same road every day to another box (their office).  Faith Popcorn, The Popcorn Report, 1991

Once you decide to join me as a world-travelling Pauper, you will become one of the elite, the people that have expanded their opportunities and ideas – a person that knows how to travel with limited funds.

Never again settle for a lifestyle that keeps you stuck in the mud, away from the wide world that surrounds you. You will become a fearless adventurer ready to explore and discover all-new ways of life.

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, you will be able to make this planet more of a “backyard” than you could ever have imagined it to be with the knowledge you gain by reading this book.

We introduce you to best buys in lodging, from Hotels and Inns to Bed & Breakfast establishments, thatched huts or houseboats.

We’ll even look at ways to best take advantage of our days in a new locale –.how to be a ‘wise tourist’ and soak up as much of the surrounding culture and landscape as we can, no matter how long we stay.

There are other bargains to discover, as well, like where to eat: restaurants, diners, local eateries and places of rest and relaxation that don’t break the bank.

You will find that using these tricks, tips and techniques in your travel will greatly expand your enjoyment.

When you don’t have to count every penny, worried about whether you will be able to afford the ticket home, constantly concerned about what you must spend to enjoy yourself—you experience a newfound freedom.

Being a Pauper is a grand and noble experiment in freedom. Together, in these pages, we will cast aside the common aspersion that ‘being a pauper’ is anything but a noble accomplishment.

As the author says, “When I travel, I love acting like a vagabond – a pauper among the rich and well to do!”


Because he knows that he never has to worry about returning home to pay that escalating credit card bill. In fact, you can look forward to your next trip, right away. He says, “You see – I’m a frugal cuss. I don’t cower with the fear that I will over-spend or over-indulge during my travels.”

When we travel like stalwart Paupers, we can, together, beat the multi-billion dollar travel industry at their own game.

Travelling like a pauper is travelling savvy.

That’s the purpose behind this book. We look forward to our ‘journey together. Hold onto your wallet – a wallet that has plenty of left-over cash in it — you are about to hear the confessions of a travelling pauper.

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