The 2020 Guide to Surviving This Year & Beyond Feeling Great About Yourself & Your Life

The 2020 Guide to Surviving This Year and Beyond Feeling Great About Yourself and Your Life

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Delia Brocket suggests that this was a year that we were looking forward to.  How right she was – It even sounded like it would be a great year, up until February 2020!  Then what happened? The 2020 excitement was buzzing last New Year’s Eve, and we were all excited about what lay ahead.  What we did not know, however, was what was lurking in the darkness, about to break on an unsuspecting world. On New Year´s Eve 2019, we had unsuspectingly hugged and celebrated with our friends and family, we all laughed and joked, and optimistically celebrated, and we all stepped into 2020 fantastically optimistic that this would be an unsurpassed year, with thoughts of future happiness and joy for the wonderful year yet to come.

Delia suggests that we can safely say that none of us expected what was about to happen, and she is absolutely right when she says that!  We unsuspectingly went about our lives as usual, not knowing what was lurking around the corner, unsuspected and horrific! If we had only known what lay ahead, we could have perhaps prepared better for the challenge that lay ahead

2020 has been a year of massive fear, great insecurity and multiple life changes, and to many many people there have been great losses to say the least!  Around the world, so many people have lost their jobs, their businesses, their livelihoods and even those that haven’t lost so dramatically, have in large part, begun working from home, which is a completely different way of working to what most of us take as the old normal, until covid struck.  Since the start of the covid pandemic, many children have been learning at home, usually virtually, so they have missed their friends and socializing with them and with their teachers; the level of upheaval on parents has been enormous. We have even over-simplified the situation that we described about teaching and learning from home. What about the enormous number of children who do not have internet at home? What about those children that do not have access to a computer in order to undertake learning from home.

Delia says that it is easy for us all to worry and to believe that 2021 and beyond may not be much better than the year just expiring.  It is true that while we cannot control the future, nor can any of us predict the outcome of this pandemic, there are certain areas of our lives we can control. So we must each of us do our best to manage and control ourselves and the small circle of people that we can influence.

Furthermore, Delia suggests that now is the time for each of us to reach out to our family and friends and for us each to let them know that we are thinking of them, even if we cannot see them or be with them, just for the time being.  None of us really believe that life has changed forever and that the restrictions of being in lockdown during the pandemic will always constrain us. There are so many people have been alone this year and feel that they have nothing to look forward to, and suffer from this isolation.  Delia´s suggestion is that you can help another person who is feeling lonely and suffering in isolation to become less lonely by letting them know that you are thinking of them. You can even keep in contact using telephone or social media platforms.

Delia suggests that we each have to be strong, for the sake of ourselves and our nearest and dearest, and that we need to look forward with positivity and a real belief that a good future awaits us all, after this pandemic has blown over.

Delia notes that when people are fearful, they may often make poor decisions because their rationale is affected. However, when people are knowledgeable, they can harness their power to make their lives better.

Now is the time to regain control of your life especially if you feel sad or confused, says Delia.

Take Delia’s Advice – There Are Many Parts Of Your Life That You Still Have Control Over, And You Need To Regain Control If You Lost It!

  • You must learn how to stay as safe as possible from the virus – it is fundamental!
  • You need to keep your body in peak condition – it is the governing part of your protection mechanism.
  • You must boost your immunity, also to safeguard yourself.
  • You need to make solid financial plans for the future.
  • You must recover from debt, as quickly as possible.
  • By doing all of the above things you can attract happiness and peace!

Delia suggests that If you’re struggling with any of the above things, then download her book and start changing your life for the better today.  The forthcoming years can be your best yet! You just need to make the right preparations for that to happen.

There’s no need to feel alone or lost!  Take some time to prepare for your best future!

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The 2020 Guide to Surviving This Year and Beyond Feeling Great About Yourself and Your Life

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