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The Health Benefits of a Detox

The Health Benefits of a Detox

The Health Benefits of a Detox
The Health Benefits of a Detox

Dear Reader,

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Here’s the Health and Weight Loss Solution Which DOESN’T Involve Dieting.

Discover how you can still eat yet reach your health goals with confidence.

Are you one of the 39% of adults around the world who are overweight or the 13% who are obese?

Perhaps you’re one of the many people who want to improve their health and way of eating?

We all know fad diets don’t work.

Nor do diets born out of good resolutions.

The average American adult starts a fad diet 4 times per year. But gives up within just two weeks. And that’s the same around the world.

It’s always the same. The moment you ban something is the moment you start craving it. And there’s the problem.

Diets are all about deprivation.

  • You can’t have chocolate, or you can’t have wine…
  • It’s a process of suffering and starving.
  • When you feel deprived, it’s inevitable you’ll give in sooner or later.
  • Eventually, after you’ve tried and tried again, you realise you’ve become a yoyo dieter, stuck in a repeated loss and regain of body weight.

So how is it other people seem to manage their weight with struggling?

The answer is the detox.

Detoxing is not about starving yourself!

It’s about helping your body with its natural, ongoing process of neutralising and eliminating toxins.

The truth is, when you follow a detox diet, you’re only limiting the bad things like refined and processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, artificially enhanced food, and things like bad fats and artificial flavouring.

Detoxing your body helps it work as it should.

All those millions of people around the world who are dieting should probably be detoxing instead health benefits.

The hardest thing about detoxing is working out where and how to begin.

That’s why this exciting new eCourse has been developed.

It will guide you through the process of preparing for a healthy detox.

Introducing “The Health Benefits of a Detox for Your Body, Mind and Soul”

This online course is packed with the information collected through years of research and experience.

In this course, people will discover how to detox the healthy way without feeling deprived or losing motivation.

This course covers everything people need to know to give them the confidence to start a detox and create a healthier body.

Most importantly, the course will change your attitude from deprivation (which creates the desire to eat) to body health (with delicious food choices to make you well.)

Your mindset will move from pain to gain.

What the course will cover:

Here are just a few things covered in the course…

  •       What a detox is and is not
  •       How a detox affects the organs in your body and enhances their workings
  •       How to recognise when you need to detox
  •       How a detox helps your body protect you from disease
  •       The often-unrecognised benefits of a detox (you’ll want these!)
  •       How to manage cravings even after your detox
  •       Why you need to eat well during detox and which foods are the best to eat
  •       Why starving yourself is bad for the body and makes you gain weight
  •       How to plan for your detox so it’s simple to manage and successful

PLUS, there’s a detailed 7-day detox plan which spells out a simple approach to detoxing, complete with meal plans and recipes.

This course is about eating well, not deprivation.

Course format:

This is an online course, so it can be done from anywhere in the world. All that is needed is an internet connection and a preferred device.

Over 8 weeks learners will be given:

  •       8 video lessons that are packed full of information (in easy to understand chunks) and great examples. This means they can see the techniques in action and learn how to apply them.
  •       8 activities to help safely put the tips and techniques into action and get comfortable with them before they go out and start applying them in the real world.
  •       2 quizzes – 1 at the end of the 4th week and another at the end of the course. This will show you how they are progressing and how well they’ve understood the course material.
  •       And to help them get the most out of this, they’ll also get checklists and info sheets to keep them on track during and after the course health benefits.

That’s $1000 in value this course gives, and once people start using the information and applying the techniques, the true value of their results will be much, much more.

What Does All of This Cost?

Well, you can see the course offers lots of value, yet the price of this course is less than you’re probably expecting.

It’s much less than it should be, considering the value of this course.

But I know it’s unlikely you’d have a stray $1000 (total course value) lying around.

That’s why it’s priced at a very affordable $97.

You’ll make that much back with the first course you sell!


But let’s make this offer even better for you.

How about a No Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

That’s right.

Take a look through the materials and if you think it’s not worth the money, you can ask for your money back, no questions asked.

There are millions of people worldwide who want this information. Grab your copy now and start selling it.

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Is this course worth the money? 

Imagine how depressed and frustrated yoyo dieters must be. And think of all the money they’ve spent on diet pills, shakes or fancy foods! But nothing has worked for them. Or the money they’ve spent with dieticians. And let’s not even think about the costs of doctors appointments! Yet these people still feel fat and unwell.


THIS course holds the solution to a widespread problem. People will willingly pay to get their hands on this information. For only $97, you can help people get their lives back and you’ll be PAID for it.

Couldn’t I design this all myself?

Yes, you could go and do read up on diets and detoxing, but it might take you months to come up with a plan worth trying… This strategy has proven itself over and over again.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. This course is ready to go right now. Within just days, you’ll be selling it and making pure profits.

So, this is what you’ll get when you buy this course:

Just to sum it all up for you…

You’re getting access to The Health Benefits of a Detox for Your Body, Mind and Soul valued at $1000

You’re getting a free 7-day detox plan valued at $300

And all for only $97.

AND you’re getting a 100% money-back guarantee!

This offer may not last long. Join now and be one of the clever people taking advantage of the invaluable information in this course.

After all, with so much to gain—and absolutely nothing to lose—it’s worth checking it out.

Make this course yours now and keep 100% of sales for yourself.

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The Health Benefits of a Detox


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