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Trans Fat – Survival Solution For 2021

Trans Fat – Survival Solution For 2021

Trans Fat – Survival Solution

By Morton Keoghtrans fat survival solution


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Did you know? 

  • About 950,000 Americans die of cardiovascular disease each year, which amounts to one death every 33 seconds.
  • Although heart disease and stroke are often thought to affect men and older people primarily, it is also a major killer of women and people in the prime of life.
  • About 61 million Americans (almost one-fourth of the population) have some form of cardiovascular disease.
  • Coronary heart disease is a leading cause of premature, permanent disability among working adults.
  • Stroke alone accounts for the disability of more than 1 million Americans.

And that’s just what the Surgeon General has to say.

Did you know that the biggest contributors to this problem are trans fats?  In fact, the trans facts that we consume through fast-foods and processed food are major cases for coronary heart diseases.

If it sounds as though we are trying to scare you.  .  . well, you are absolutely correct.  You should  be scared.  This particular drum has been beating quietly in the background of dietary concerns for years.

The drum is beating louder.  So loud in fact, that New York City recently took the initiative to ban the use of trans fatty acids in all restaurants in the city, including fast-food.  And, other locales are also taking a look at this drastic step.

What’s it going to take?

What is it going to take to get people to wake up and smell the coffee?  If 950,000 deaths or one every 30 seconds isn’t enough to make people take notice, who knows what will!

Okay, so you aren’t a doctor and it all sounds so confusing.  It doesn’t matter.  If you had the opportunity to fight this problem for your own family, you’d do it, wouldn’t you?  Well, of course you would.  You just need to have someone break it all down so you can begin to save lives right there under your own roof!

Well, someone has done just that.  You are being thrown a lifeline and you need to grab it and run before anyone in YOUR family becomes another statistic.

The Trans Fat Survival Solution was written just for YOU.  Yes you, the one sitting behind that computer screen.  And, puhleaze don’t try to tell us that you have perfect cholesterol and consume no trans fats.  Baloney!

Trans fats are everywhere!  How are you supposed to fight what you can’t see?  You can’t, but, you are just one click away from having all the answers you need to take the battle to your own home and win the war.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn:

What the heck ARE trans fats anyway

How are they presented in food

What are the other types of fats that you can choose

What should and shouldn’t you eat

Discover the myths that surround trans fats

Trans fats and heart disease

What are the hidden dangers

Trans fat and cholesterol

Diabetes, obesity and trans fat

Trans fats and pregnancy

Fatty acid deficiency

How to understand all those confusing food labels

Substitutes for trans fats

Becoming a smart shopper

Your trans fat faqs

If you aren’t frightened enough to take actions, you should be.  If a city like New York thinks that this is a big enough problem to warrant banning it from all their public eateries, with no exceptions shouldn’t you be wary enough to explore this problem and protect your family?

Do it now!  They will thank you in the future!

Click here if you would like to buy: Trans Fat – Survival Solution By Morton Keogh

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